Waste No Effort, No Thought

Tennis presents one of the biggest paradoxes in life.

Should you get ready?  Should you predict the flight and bounce of the ball?

Should you orchestrate every move, every step of the way?

Should you think about it all?

Or should you relax, take your time, and let things happen on their own?

To be a top player, obviously, you need to have solved most of this riddle.  You couldn’t be a star without at least long glimpses of what this sport is all about.

I’ll give you a clue, and then observe if this is true when you look at Wimbledon this fortnight (British: 2 weeks).

Tennis is intensity, physical exertion, but not so physical for the mind.

The best players operate in a simple manner.   They chase the ball like a cat after a mouse.  They find it and do something with it.

Their bodies are all over the place, sometimes sprawling on the grass.

Their hands, though, are under absolute control.

Could it be that that is the only thing they are focusing on?  That the rest is just operating naturally, on its own?

You’ll be the judge.

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