Warm Up With Purpose

The best way to warm up for a match is to do it on a gradient scale of completeness.

First start with no backswing, just finding the ball in front and brushing it up.

Feel the ball on the racquet, clear the net by three feet, and aim anywhere just past the service line.

Make sure you have a full finish of your stroke, keeping the racquet up there by the shoulder or the hand by the cheek for a second.

Once you feel you are in full control at this lower speed, accelerate the racquet through the impact and make your shot harder.

The same applies to the warm up of your volleys, the smash, and your serve.

Calm your thoughts, observe the ball well when it is near you, and don’t rush.

A good practice for this stage is to keep your eyes for an instant on your racquet once the ball is gone.

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