Topspin Tip #2

Your body should tend to go across the line of the ball, rather than stepping into the ball, as usually counseled.

Moving across helps to accelerate your arm.

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  1. muscles expert Reply

    Dear Oscar please in this topspin lessons speak about how to obtain higher linear speed to the ball….many thanks and regards.

    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      Sudden change of direction, like in Martial Arts, generates acceleration. Federer’s racquet head, for example, which was going from 7 MPH to 17 MPH prior to the impact with the ball, suddendly accelerates to 75 MPH, measured in front of his left shoulder. Furthermore, the action of going across connects the mass of the body much more than the extension required to follow the line of the ball.

  2. Argentina Tango Tennis Vacations Reply

    Always moving forward…

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