Take A Picture 

With young children, I tell them “pretend the butt of the racket is a camera and take a picture at the finish towards where the ball went”.

They love this and it ensures a complete finish and accurate trajectory.

Hold your finish to get a complete swing and directional control.

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  1. niall Reply

    Excellent tip Oscar. I have been teaching 5 year olds to do this even though conventional coaching doesn’t encourage them to follow through. Another great idea I had was to transform the ready position into the ‘ready state’, I get them to press the ‘power button’ on their racket before the other person hits the ball,the power button is a fun sticker I give them to put on the end of their grips, usually their favorite caracter. I will be sending avideo shortly to Lucile showing my 5 year old daughter after 1 year of using your techniques.

  2. bouncingfeltball Reply

    Hi Oscar,

    Enjoy your daily tips. Maybe for the boys, we can change it to imagining the butt of the racket as the barrel of a gun. They have to aim it after hitting the ball and eventually shoot it as it landed on the court ­čÖé

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