Play Like the Pros with Oscar Wegner's Modern Tennis Methodology

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Index of the DVDs


These materials are very revolutionary and may shake instructions you had
reinforced for years.

Therefore, even for very experienced players and teachers, it is best to view
the DVDs in this order:

Tennis 101 and Play Like the Pros DVD (100 minutes)

Master Strokes Vol. 1 and Master Strokes Vol. 2 DVD (100 minutes)

Ten Amazing Secrets to Tennis Success (50 minutes)

(these first three DVDs, with five titles, are the compilation of 70 segments of
Oscar Wegner on Brad Holbrook's tennis show that Richard Williams taped
and used to coach his daughters Venus and Serena)

53 Drills for Better Tennis (65 minutes). This DVD can be viewed anytime.

Advanced Tennis Techniques (50 minutes)

Ultimate Professional Coaching Techniques (47 minutes)

Now with four even more revolutionary DVDs, recently filmed and released:

Modern Basics (60 minutes)

Modern Footwork (90 minutes)

Coaching Modern Strokes (90 minutes)

Modern Serves and Volleys (90 minutes)

These four DVDs point to how Modern Tennis is evolving, what is the tennis
of the future, and what are the techniques that the top pros are finding more
natural, more efficient, more powerful and easier to execute.

Contents of the first 5 videos (on 3 DVDs):

Tennis 101 (Makes tennis one of the easiest sports to learn)

Lesson 1 - Forehand Basics
Lesson 2 - Forehand Control
Lesson 3 - Forehand on the Move
Lesson 4 - Forehand Topspin and slice
Lesson 5 - Backhand Part 1
Lesson 6 - Backhand Part 2
Lesson 7 - The Backhand Grip
Lesson 8 - Serving Basics
Lesson 9 - The Spin Serve
Lesson 10 - Volleying Basics
Lesson 11 - Volleying on the move
Lesson 12 - High and Low Volleys
Lesson 13 - Basic Tennis Strategy
Lesson 14- Intermediate Tennis Strategy

Play like the Pros (Describing some of the best strokes ever)

Steffi Graf's Slice backhand
Pete Sampras's Forehand
Pete Sampras's 1 handed Topspin Backhand
Jennifer Capriati's Forehand
Mary Pierce's Forehand
Andre Agassi's Forehand
Pete Sampras's Serve
Andre Agassi's Backhand
Jim Courier's Forehand
Steffi Graf's Forehand
Review and Summary

Master Strokes I (Includes what are thought to be the best volleys ever)

Hand-eye-ball coordination
Volley Part I - John McEnroe's Volley
Volley Part II
1 handed Topspin Backhand
Volley Drill - Perfecting The Downward Stroke
The Overhead Smash
Grip size
The Backhand High Volley
The Half-Volley
Waiting on the Ball and Preparation
The Serve

Master Strokes II

The Finish
Power Vs. Control
Why Topspin
The Serve and Volley game
Why Lift
The 1 inch Volley
Misconceptions of Conventional Teachings
Topspin Drill of the Top Pros
Tracking the Ball
Secrets of Control
Developing Touch
Best Forehands Explained
Best Backhands Explained

10 Amazing Secrets

Forehand Part I - Myths exposed
Forehand Part II
The 1 handed Backhand
The 2 handed Backhand
The 1 handed Slice Backhand
The Serve
The Volley
The Overhead Smash
Footwork of the Pr
Body Positioning

53 Drills for Better Tennis

Chapter 1

  1. Forget Your Feet
  2. First Major Misconception
  3. Second Major Misconception
  4. Third Major Misconception
  5. Fourth Major Misconception
  6. Two-Handed Backhand Drill
  7. Natural Footwork
  8. Tight Grip Drills
  9. Backhand Slice Drills

Chapter 2

  1. Hand-Ball Drill
  2. Finding the Ball Drill
  3. Closed Racquet Face Drill
  4. Closed Racquet Backhand Drill
  5. Two Bounce Drill
  6. Walking Backwards Drill
  7. No-Backswing Drill
  8. Short Ball Put-Away Drill
  9. Paint the Fence Drill
  10. Backwards Uppercut Drill
  11. Three Feet Over the Net Drill
  12. Mini-Tennis Drill
  13. How to Get to a Dropshot
  14. Wide Angle Topspin Backhand Drill
  15. How to Get a Moonball Back Drill

Chapter 3

  1. Shuffle or Turn
  2. The Forehand Finish Clarified
  3. Coming Up
  4. Backswing or Not
  5. Off-Centre is Best
  6. Cover the Eyes Drill
  7. Tracking the Ball Drill
  8. Left-Hander Strokes
  9. Kid’s Serve Drill
  10. Serving Up Drill

Chapter 4

  1. Around the Can Drill
  2. Roll with the Edge Forehand
  3. The Edge Two-Handed Backhand Drill
  4. The Edge One-Handed Backhand Drill
  5. Inside Out Forehand Drill
  6. Deep Ball Drill
  7. Ball Count Rally Drill
  8. Drop the Racquet Head Drill

Chapter 5

  1. Advanced Service Drill
  2. Forehand Close Eyes Drill
  3. Backhand Close Eyes Drill
  4. Counting on Volley Drill
  5. Lob-Volley Drill
  6. Forehand Angle-Volley Drill
  7. Backhand Angle-Volley Drill
  8. Smash Down Drill
  9. Tracking a Lob Drill
  10. Slide a Volley Drill
  11. Tap a Volley Drill

Advanced Tennis Techniques

Part One – Groundstrokes

How the Pros move
The closed stance
Should you stay down?
The height of the ball
The slice backhand
Use the edge
Advice on timing
Count to five
Which foot to use
The follow through
The height of the ball 2
How much spin
Grip tightness
Hitting the ball

Part two – The Serve

Serve techniques
Use the edge
The second serve
Second serve toss
Timing on the serve
Straight or bent?
Bending the legs
Grip tightness
The Pro’s grip

Part Three – The Volley

Volley techniques
Hitting across
Which muscles to use
Backhand muscles
Volley timing
Where to hit the ball
Volley footwork

Part Four – Quick Tips

Should you think?
Overhead shot
Low volley shots
Drop shots

Ultimate Professional Coaching Techniques

Introduction: Conventional vs. Modern
Forehand Techniques
Hitting on the Run and Recovery
The Backhand
The Slice Backhand
Two-Handed Backhand
The Serve
Return of Serve
The Volley
The Grip

Tennis Into The Future Series (4 DVDs)

Volume 1

The Basics

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is MTM?
  3. Touch The Ball
  4. Open Stance
  5. Emphasize The Finish
  6. Wait For The Bounce
  7. Find, Feel, Finish
  8. Feel The Ball & Forget The Feet
  9. The Finish
  10. Play By Instinct
  11. Western Grip
  12. Trial & Error
  13. The Natural Way
  14. Is Something Being Missed?
  15. 19 Myths
  16. Windshield Wiper
  17. Why Does It Work For Kids?
  18. Play Like The Pros
  19. Straight Arm
  20. Hit Through The Ball
  21. The 11 th Secret
  22. Martial Arts
  23. Is This System For Everyone?
  24. Simplicity
  25. What Are The Basics?
  26. Why Is This System Resisted?
  27. String Over The Net
  28. Load & Explode
  29. Closed Stance
  30. Can Coaches Create On Their Own?
  31. Role Of The Wrist
  32. Butt Of The Racquet
  33. Leading With The Edge
  34. Flat Shots
  35. Hitting Below The Sweet Spot
  36. Loose Grip
  37. Tight Grip & Tennis Elbow
  38. Stalking The Ball
  39. Hitting On The Rise
  40. Too Close To The Ball
  41. Walking Backward
  42. Feel
  43. The Zone
  44. How To Teach Players To Wait
  45. Wrist Snap On The Serve
  46. Power On The Serve
  47. Shoulder Tilt
  48. The Racket Bracket
  49. ProTrainer WinSock

Volume 2

Modern Footwork

  1. Natural Movement
  2. Faster Recovery
  3. Moving Instinctively
  4. More Speed Less Effort
  5. Balance And Falling Backwards
  6. Modern vs. Conventional Movement
  7. Movement Inside The Baseline
  8. How Should Balance Feel?
  9. Moving To The Net
  10. Footwork And The Volley
  11. The John McEnroe Volley
  12. The Split Step
  13. The Split Step Simplified
  14. Timing And Counting To 5
  15. Stalking The Ball: The Non-Dominant Hand
  16. Watching The Ball
  17. Half-Volleys And High Bounces
  18. Stay Low Or Lift Up?
  19. The Overhead
  20. Oscar With Dr. Bruce Harris
  21. Modern vs. Conventional
  22. Little Kids Play Naturally
  23. Using Stronger Muscles
  24. Using The Body In A Natural Way
  25. The Modern Serve
  26. Misconceptions
  27. The Volleys
  28. Loose Racket
  29. Side Steps?
  30. Topspin Memory Board

    Volume 3

    Coaching Modern Strokes


    1.          Introduction
    2.          The 7% Solution
    3.          A New Kind of Power
    4.          Massaging the Ball
    5.          Lifting Off The Ground
    6.          Finding the Ball with the Hand
    7.          The 2-Handed Backhand
    8.          The Closed Stance Habit
    9.          Timing The Backswing
    10.      Tracking the Ball
    11.      The Reverse Forehand
    12.      The Lasso Forehand
    13.      The One-Handed Backhand
    14.      The Shape of the Modern FH
    15.      Play With the Edges
    16.      Volleys
    17.      Cross the Line of the Ball
    18.      The Serve - The Overhead


    Keeping It Simple
    The Role of the Coach
    3.         Focusing Attention
    4.         Unification in Coaching
    5.         Talent and Development
    6.         Choreography vs. Emergency
    7.         Mechanics and Feel
    QuickStart and MTM
    9.         Coaching A Coach
    10.     A Loyal Following
    End Credits

    Volume 4

    Modern Serves and Volleys


    • Introduction
    • Shape Of The Volley
    • Open To Closed Racket
    • Track The Ball With The Hand
    • Stop The Hand
    • Modern BH Volley
    • Elbow Position
    • Squeeze The Shoulderblades
    • Show Strings To Opponent
    • Adjust For Ball Height
    • Role Of The Wrist
    • Lift The Body
    • The John McEnroe Lift
    • BH Volley Footwork
    • Move Your Head First
    • Recovery
    • The Split Step
    • Shuffle Naturaly
    • Volley Grips
    • Volley Basics For Beginners
    • Independence Of The Arm
    • Volley Board


    • Shape Of The Serve
    • The Serve From 3 Angles
    • Wrist Snap
    • Serve Contact Point
    • Slice & American Twist
    • PRE Stroke Trainer
    • Find The Ball
    • A Cardinal Rule
    • Serve Drills:
      • Top Of Head
      • Back Scratch
      • Starting Position
      • Wrong Side of Racket
      • Over The Fence
      • Over The String
      • Increase Strength & Power
      • Approach With Edge/Butt
    • Serve Progression
    • Epilogue
    • End Credits

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