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The Secrets of Modern Tennis

Modern tennis is an easy sport to learn and much easier to play than what it has been thought to be.

The best styles in world tennis are based on simplicity.

The smoothness and effectiveness of top pros are based on natural moves, on natural power, on coordinated moves.

Gone are the complications of the past, the “must do’s” that throw you off.

For example, you don’t need complicated sideways steps to move to the ball. You turn naturally in the direction that you need to run to, and you take your normal steps. just like running after your child, or your cat, or your dog.

Another example: you don’t need to prepare early as the first thing to do. The reality is that the ball slows down considerably in flight and after the bounce. In fact, it has been measured that on groundstrokes the ball loses close to 60 percent of speed from one baseline to the other baseline. If someone hits a forehand or a backhand at 50 miles per hour the ball gets to you at about 20 miles per hour. If they hit the ball 80 miles per hour and you are a few feet behind the baseline it gets to you at less than 30 miles per hour. And that is on hard courts. On clay courts the ball loses even more speed.

Serves, coming from a higher contact point, lose about 55 percent of the speed. A 100 mile an hour serve becomes a 45 mile an hour ball, easier to handle. If you are returning it a few feet behind the baseline, it arrives at less than 40 miles per hour.

That is, you'll see this if you track the ball all the way. You need to observe it all the way, without making up your mind too early as to where the ball is going to be. You can track it as if you were going to catch it, which facilitates finding out, prior to the stroking action, where the ball is going to be for the contact.

Then, there is a matter of how you stroke it. In modern tennis you hit across the ball so as to control it better and impart some spin. Rather than following the path of the ball, you brush it, you “stroke” it. It is not a slap, it is not baseball, it is not golf, nor cricket. Tennis is a game of power, but power with control.

There is more power when you contract muscles than when you elongate them. Why? Because power is mass times acceleration. Contracting muscles connects your body weight, through the racquet, to your shot. That is why today’s top players hit forehands and two-handed backhands with a finish across the body and point the butt of the racquet to where the ball has gone. Today's strokes are a complete reversal of the initial action to increase the soundness of your game. Further, you increase not only power but have much more feel and control. The ball stays on your strings longer, several times longer than on a purely forward stroke.

On the modern one-handed backhand, similarly, you use the upper muscles of your back, contracting them. The modern serve is also another example of employing natural torque with muscle contractions, like the triceps, to speed the ball. Not only an easy, natural move, but a contributor to the health of your arm.

How does the body work best through any stroke? Actually, it is with a lift, not by staying down like the fables of old. Even on modern volleys, the body goes up while the arm strikes down and across with a stop. Conventional coaching differs: "Stay down", "Follow the ball". It has many misconceptions, in fact more than 20 trite ideas that make tennis a much more difficult sport.

And much more. You need to avail yourself of this new methodology to achieve your best.

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