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Our 360 coaches association is a team. We have members in the USA and many countries worldwide and we want to grow this team to flood the whole world with MTM. This influence has been growing daily for two decades, and many coaches and top pros have benefitted from using it, especially overseas, from Belgrade to Moscow, from Barcelona to Beijing.
We are preparing data and courses to help you grow greatly and to accomplish this goal. I think you will welcome all of this.

To help grow exponentially we have created great discounts for coaches, players, parents and anyone on our basic and most popular tool:

Play Like the Pros with
The Best of Oscar
"Modern Tennis Methodology"

A 2 hr. (115 min.) compilation of the best of Oscar's 10 DVDs. Click here for details ($24.95 - Free Shipping)

Use the CODE "forty" for a 40% discount for 4 to 9 DVDs($15 each, minimum 4 DVDs) which you can resell, give to your students, potential clients and distribute in your community, cementing your leadership with these new techniques.

Or a CODE "camps" for a 60% discount for 10 to 100 DVDs ($10 each. Minimum 10 DVDs).

Higher quantities starting at 100 DVDs can be negotiated by calling me at 727-735-3293.

Summer camps and high request for lessons are starting in June in the USA and Europe. Cement your position as one of the leaders in your community in this new trend: Modern Tennis Methodology, teaching why our natural open stance is necessary, and why tracking the ball in front, hitting up and across to create topspin is the easiest and most effective way to increase control and confidence. And much more!

The Best of Oscar DVD is our main and simplest tool and soon will be the basis for expanding, simplifying and cementing our coaching base, and also for the study for the coaching exam required for certification. Coaches, players and parents who want to join our movement are welcome, and can greatly learn from this tool, simplifying a sport that has been unnecessarily complicated and ruined.

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